Siz Babylon Builder arqiliq lughet tüzüshni halamsiz? Bu qoral arqiliq lughet tüzüsh texnika jehette intayin qolay. Sinap béqing!
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English-Uighur Dict.
is available oline now. If you want to download its offline version, please click! Babylon.com
Uighur-English Dict.
is available oline now.
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English-Uighur Online Dict.(by J.T.Kenji)
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Babylon - The Internet's Premier Information Tool.

Get instant translations, conversions and information at a click

Translations - Use dictionaries that cover over 90% of the languages spoken on the Web
Information @ a click - Receive instant information Online or Offline
Dynamic Converter - Featuring currency, measurements and time zone conversions

Babylon-Pro provides on-screen translations, information and conversions in a single mouse click for on-line as well as off-line usage.

It is the perfect surfing partner for non-English speakers, in today's world of predominantly English based Websites. With a single mouse-click, a translation will be displayed almost instantaneously for the desired word or expressions. The translations you get are from dictionaries that cover most of the languages that are spoken today on the Web: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and many more.

The Babylon tool also instantly provides relevant information about any word or value that you click on. Babylon users receive instant access to glossary definitions and can choose to subscribe or download glossaries and rely on them as primary information sources. The information you receive is from thousands of top glossaries including some of the Web's leading information providers such as Britannica.com, Whatis.com, Dietwatch.com, and Accuweather, as well as private glossaries contributed by users. You too can download the Babylon Builder, build a glossary and publish it on babylon site.

Convert your choice of currency, measurements or time zones, using the conversion interface that appears when you click on any value from your text, or by typing in your value in the "Search Box".

By adding our new text-to-speech add-on, you can hear the English pronunciation of the word or expression you are translating.
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